1. Where can I see the timetable of the conference?
You will find the current programme here shortly:

2. What technical requirements do I need?
Use a headset or headphones to avoid disturbing noises.
We also recommend using Firefox or Chrome as your browser.
Make sure you have a good Wifi or cable connection.

3. How do I get into the online rooms?
The event links are activated in the programme overview.

4. I can't switch on my microphone. What can I do?
You may have selected the "Listen only" option (headphone symbol) when you entered the room, so your microphone is not activated. To activate the mic, you have two options:

A. Log out of the room again or close the tab and reopen the link. When joining/joining again, select the option "With microphone". A pop-up message will appear asking you to allow access to the microphone and select the source of the mic (laptop internal or headset mic).

Or B. There is a round blue button with the headphone icon (at the bottom, fairly central in the BBB room). Press "Stop audio" and then "Start audio" again. Now a window appears where you select the option "With microphone". A pop-up message appears again, where you have to allow access to the microphone and can select the source of the microphone (laptop internal or headset mic). Or: You have been muted during the session by one of the moderators. This can happen if you have forgotten to mute your microphone yourself. To ensure smooth sound quality for all listeners (no echo effects or background noise), your microphone should always be muted. Only when you want to say something or ask a question should you switch on the microphone.

5. I keep hearing unpleasant background noise/echoes during the session. What can I do?
It is best to use headphones with a microphone or a headset. This will reduce background noise for you and the others. Always make sure to mute your microphone via the mic button in the bottom bar while you are just listening.

6. I keep getting kicked out of BigBlueButton/cannot establish a connection. What can I do?
Please close the tab. Try opening the link to the session again (then microphone release, echo test, etc.). Generally switch off your webcam and mute your microphone, otherwise BigBlueButton will be overloaded. If it does not work at all after several attempts
If it does not work at all after several attempts, there is also the possibility of participating in the online session by telephone. Call our eSupport team on +49 (0)3643 583213 to find out the PIN for your session.
Dial +(49)3643/ 5442083 and you will be prompted to enter the PIN number for the session. Enter "0" to mute or unmute the phone mic. 7.

7. Will the workshops be recorded? Can I listen to them again after the session?
No, there will be no recording. We also expressly ask you not to secretly record the event. This is not permitted by the Basic Data Protection Regulation. The main contents will be documented by hand and summarised in a planned handout. 8.

8. Why didn't you use Zoom or something similar?
With the conference tool BigBlueButton, for which Bauhaus-Universität Weimar has acquired licences and server space, your data will not be stored with commercial third-party providers after the end of the respective session. This is how we have guaranteed data protection. With Zoom, WebEx etc. we would have no control over the collection of your data.

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